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Step 1:

Click one of the following links and participate in the program requirements to get a free Xbox 360 Elite or free xbox 360
(US and UK visitors will be sent to non-freebie booth sites specifically designed for their regions)

US Visitors:

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If you are a U.S/U.K citizen then start off by entering your e-mail or zip on the next page.

Choose the free xbox 360 bundle you would like and enter your e-mail address at the bottom. Continue to the next page and fill out any information required to create your account.

(It is very important to use legit info when signing up and also making sure you do not have an account already. - This means it is not wise to sign up at a public computer. )

Without legit information they cannot send you a free xbox 360. Also, by using fake information you do break their terms of service and can be placed on hold.

Step 2: This is the most important step and also the step most people do not understand - so read carefully.

Companies like The Freebie Booth
rely on advertiser revenue to pay for the free xbox360 consoles that they give away. Without it they would not exist. In order to qualify for your free xbox360 you must complete one of the offers listed on the The Freebie Booth website.

Many of the listed offers are free trials or very cheap (under $5, usually $1). You must get 1 credit done by either: Completing one offer worth a full credit, or by completing multiple smaller offers to reach full credit (Example: You might see 2 offers, one worth 2/5 a credit and another 3/5. Complete both and you get 5/5 which is 1 credit)

Recommended Offers: You will need to gather a full credit. (2 1/2 credits, 3 1/3 credits etc..)

Recommended Free Offers

Rising Star - Free Trial *HOT*
Get Your Credit Report Now
Credit Check Total
eFax Plus (Canada/UK Only)
Smart Mobile Panel (US Only)
NetFlix (Takes 14 days to credit)
Blockbuster - 2 week free trial ***HOT***

Recommended $1 Offers
Complete Home
eMusic 75 songs HOT!! Amazing offer

Other Offers

Blockbuster (Very easy and very cool offer) but costs $10

There are many other offers available, so feel free to look at them all. The offers I listed are what I have completed and found to be amazing.

When completing the offer, make sure you do not have an ad blocker or pop up blocker enabled. Make sure you have cookies enabled. (If you are not sure how to check any of that then just make sure you are using internet explorer to complete the offer and not firefox or another web browser) If for some reason your credit did not go through due to a pop up blocker or anything else, then simple submit a support ticket at customorderthis after waiting 2 or 3 days and they will give you credit. (Credit can take up to 15 days to receive, but manual credits are rarely needed - it is a safe guard so you will never be at risk).

Also, please always read the terms and services for any offer you sign up for and also for
Freebie Booth or any other freebie site. It is a very good habit to get into when using the internet.

Step 3: You are well on your way to getting your free xbox 360! The last step is pretty easy, get your friends and family to sign up onto the website under your referral link and have each one of them complete an offer. (Each sign up must come from a different house and different computer - so you cannot invite them all over to your house and have them sign up from there.) Once you have met the referral requirements for your free xbox 360, you can submit your account for approval (where they check for fraudulent activity) then submit your order for a free xbox 360 console!

Ending notes...

If you are still not convinced that this works or do not understand why it works then please visit this site where I have an explanation for how these companies function and why they work.

If you have any questions then feel free to leave a comment.

Have fun with your free xbox 360!